Like it or not in business, we are all busy, planning, networking, exchanging business cards, talking, taking notes, and running tight schedules. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, director and whether you are in an SME or large corporation, your busy putting deals together can be overpowering at time.

Have you ever been stressed? Well, I have…

Busy schedule

Everywhere we go the laptop comes with us, the tablet and our mobile phones, and for the person alone the balance of time is at times difficult to juggle.You have the internet on all day and all night, and often you grab some rest between tasks – those who work for themselves don’t receive a salary, money comes at the end of the deal., and stress comes in between.

If only someone could do part of my work?

CatchFriday client

Like if only there was someone there to help like your own personal assistant or secretary. However, that was a long time ago. How you wish they were back, don’t you?

Well, there is someone who could.

CatchFriday Virtual Assistant

We offer virtual assistants, in a carefully designed service matching your needs. Our services revolve around you, giving you the freedom to select what you want to do and delegate what you don’t want to do.

Why not shorten your week, by catching Friday early?

Catch Friday your way.

Spend your time in your business, and let CatchFriday do the work that does not require a physical presence in your office. Your Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)is at the end of the phone/enquiry form and will arrange the work you need. Talk to our Virtual Personal Assistant about the best plan for you, which suits your budget.